Eighteen year old Nau’Jour Grainger better know as Toosii, is from Syracuse NY. He is currently based in Raleigh NC. Toosii has been doing music for about 4 years. but started taking the craft seriously in the last 12 months. He released his first EP “why Not Now” last Dec. But has released two singles in the summer of 2018, to be followed up by an EP before the New Year. He is the youngest of five siblings. He plans to be one of next big break out artist by 2020. His new single “Who Dat” is a high-energy record and is growing on his fans as one of his best works. up and coming rap artist, Toosii grew up on the south side of Salina in Syracuse, New York. Not long after moving to Raleigh, North Carolina as a teenager his passion for music grew. for the past four years music has been his top priority, although stating he only became serious about his craft in late 2017. Through music, Toosii found happiness and a way to express and cope with his everyday issues.

Best know for his unique style, fans enjoy his melodic flow which sets him apart from most artists. His local buzz has infected the industry in a great way and has caught the attention of many including well know artists. As his followers and fan base grows, we cant help but wonder what the future holds for the young artist, who has already opened on stage for some big artist including NBA Youngboy, Yung Bleu, City fGirls, YK Osiris Mon(ey Man as well as Label Mate DaBaby.


Toosii Ft Lil Poppa – Never Understood

Toosii – Opps